Is your tech platform future proof?
Our experts can help you answer this fundamental question and outline key steps to accelerate value creation by ensuring scalability, competitiveness, security and efficiency
TechCheck helps leaders secure new investments, strategies and growth plans
New investment (M&A)
Tech companies seeking investment and wanting actionable input on how to accelerate value creation and prepare for a successful investor evaluation
TechCheck will clarify
  • how investors view your company
  • where to focus your efforts
  • key materials to create for investors
New strategy
Tech companies looking to pursue a new strategic direction and wanting to ensure that the Tech foundation is in place and that the Tech strategy is viable
TechCheck will clarify
  • if the Tech platform is fit-for-purpose
  • suitability of the Tech approach
  • if Tech capabilities are in place
Operational excellence
Tech companies searching for a framework for ensuring scalability and improving effectiveness of the tech organization
TechCheck will clarify
  • efficiency of the tech organization
  • key levers to increase output
  • leading metrics to track
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Assessments completed
Our tech assessment skills have been honed since 2015 with 100+ assessments completed in 18 countries for leading private equity funds and their portfolio companies
- In a nutshell
TechCheck is an assessment providing a holistic view of your current Tech-standing with minimal preparations from your side
Provides a view through the lens of an investor allowing for targeted preparations to maximize valuation and to mitigate potential issues
A small team of experts engage with you to evaluate everything Tech with findings presented in a crisp & actionable format
TechCheck answers four fundamental questions
Can tech scale in line with growth plans?
Is the Tech platform future-proof?
Are key security risks known and addressed?
Is the development organization efficient?
Where do you stand in relation to expectations, enabling focus and value optimization?
Performance Gap
Gap identified towards expectations             
Communication Gap
Value identified that currently is not well communicated, and/or above own perception
On Par
Performance in line with expectations           
Value Potential
Performance on par, with opportunity to further increase value via optimization
Excessive investment in Tech capabilities reducing value of company
What can TechCheck do for your business?
Three levels of support:
Brief report produced during a 1-2 week engagement focused on key areas and summarizing current state, any risks and recommendations
Full review of the Tech platform, including scoring, opportunity identification and roadmapping, delivered after 3-4 weeks engagement
Full TechCheck followed by creation of a strategy and roadmap support until key milestones have been implemented
Team composition
“The TechCheck team quickly understood the technical and commercial issues we were trying to solve and provided a strong team with complementary skill sets that could help the company solve these issues in an efficient and collaborative process.”
  • Private Equity Investment Professional
“I was impressed by the TechCheck team's ability to go deep into the technical topics while at the same time communicate the findings in an easy to understand and actionable format for me as a business person. The work was key for us to understand how to best proceed in our technology transformation.”
  • Business Manager, Large Corporation
“Very pleased with the unique skillset of the TechCheck team - comes highly recommended!”
  • CEO, Tech company
“We were deeply impressed with the knowledge, speed, and commitment that the TechCheck team had for us, when we needed to prepare for meetings with potential investors. They worked hard to help us finish a substantial sized deck including presentation coaching even working the holidays. We highly recommended the people at FoT to other tech companies.”
  • Partner, Tech company
“I really liked that the TechCheck scope included both "hard" and "soft" tech aspects, providing a holistic view on topics all the way from the technology foundation to security, organization and ways of working.”
  • Product Owner, Large Corporation
“During a very hectic time, Function of Tech was able to grasp and describe key points of our tech stack in a brilliant way. A very professional team that was a pleasure to work with.”
  • CTO, Tech company
“I was positively surprised about how the team focused on creating a holistic narrative about the role of tech for our business, and not just ”ticking the boxes” for a due diligence. We got some really valuable advice that fed right into our strategic agenda.”
  • CEO, Tech company
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